Introducing the Next Generation of Precision Testing Equipment

The all-new Precision series of liquid immersion test equipment is engineered for high-accuracy testing in accordance with a variety of key ASTM petroleum test methods. The Precision series modernizes our line of high-temperature test equipment that uses liquid as the temperature control medium. Our newly developed immersion heating system increases the temperature accuracy and stability while also modernizing the form and function of the unit. The heating system features 2-position control head to ensure the best fit of our system in your lab space.

The Precision series of equipment is available for all of the following ASTM test methods: 

  • D130, D1838, D7667 Copper and Silver Corrosion 
  • D1298 Density by Hydrometer 
  • D525, D873 Oxidation Stability of Gasoline 
  • D942 Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Greases 
  • D2274, D2440, D2893 Oxidation Stability of Mineral, Lubrication, and Fuel Oils

The Precision Series will be on sale at the end of 2022!   LEARN MORE




Oxidation Characteristics


K64200 | K64290

The Koehler Precision Oxidation Characteristics System is designed to provide high-accuracy results for oxidation characteristics of mineral, lubricating, and fuel oils. This unit is equipped with 8 flowmeters to determine oxidation characteristics as per ASTM D943, D2274, D4310, and more. The 4.3" capacitive touch screen makes for easy-to-use operation and the built-in controller ensures high control accuracy.







Combination Octane Rating Unit Engine


The K90901 Standard Model Combination Octane Rating Unit is the latest model of octane engines with many easy-to-use features including automatic functions and enhanced documentation capabilities

The Koehler Combination Octane Rating Unit Engine uses the latest technology

to determine both research and motor octane number of spark-ignition engine fuels


Conforms to the specifications of   ASTM D2699 & D2700

  • Easy conversion between MON and RON methods is accomplished by use of the dual speed motor, with no need to change the flywheel  
  • The dual speed motor with slide base steadily provides constant octane engine speeds as per ASTM D2699 and D2700 methods during operation  
  • The compression ratio and ignition timing are displayed directly on the operating panel, and it displays the compensated reading for barometric pressure
  • Through the engine's safety system, the engine auto-stops with various fault indications