Determining the Lubricity of Fuels

An Innovative Instrument to Test Lubricity in Fuels: Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator

There are many ways to test relevant oil and fuel lubricant properties. One of the test methods that are commonly used to test the lubrication properties of jet fuel is the Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator (BOCLE), standardized as ASTM D5001.

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ATF Lubricity Test Rig (BOCLE) K94190


The ATF Lubricity Test Rig consists of a rotating test ring against which a fixed test ball is pressed with the required force. The test ring is made to rotate at 240 RPM for a period of 30 minutes after which the test stops. The wear scar on the test ball is studied and the scar diameters of the wear scar (major and minor axis) are measured. Data Acquisition Test parameters such as speed, test duration, fuel temperature, air temperature and humidity are acquired, displayed and recorded.

 The Koehler ATF Lubricity Test Rig is designed withthe standard ASTM D5001 test

sequence pre-loaded into an ABT microprocessor controller

Meets the requirements of ASTM D5001

  • Simple to use interface – digital computer control of all instrument functions 
  • Automatic control of test sequence - no operator-included variability in test results
  • Automatic flow controllers for moist and dry air - no operator input required to control the humidity and flow rate of the conditioned air
  • Digital Microscope with Image Acquisition System & software